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Guilty as charged.  I have about 10 tabs open on my laptop and my multi-tasking is probably not what it used to be with so many apps & notifications these days.  That's just it, with so many apps coming out offering solutions for just about everything; how to actually focus on one task and see it through?


Block scheduling was a game changer for me, not only did it force me to have a system of how and when I was going to complete different tasks throughout the day but it made me more mindful of how much time I was devoting to certain aspects.  So now I go to the gym before I open my laptop in the morning as a general rule.  This way I am guaranteed to get at least a 45 min to an hour block of time for myself before I get too far into client work or returning emails.

Eliminate the tools and apps that you aren't using - start with those you are paying recurring charges for to ensure you aren't spending any money on things that aren't actually useful.


Integrating tools to talk to each other can save you steps in between your workflows and ultimately keep you organized.  If you find yourself getting lost in sticky notes or getting double-booked with dates on your calendar than consider test driving a few different tools to see which ones can help you become more efficient and ultimately more profitable! Click below to download our free guide: The 4 Steps to Productivity!  

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Veronica Enns