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While you don’t necessarily need to use a CRM to manage you clients, not everyone can stay on track with a good ol’ Excel spreadsheet. To say that client management tools like Aisle Planner and Honeybook transformed my own Wedding Business is an understatement, here are the top 3 platforms where I spend most of my time these days!



Personally, Honeybook has been a game changer for my planning business with it’s accessibility and easy tools for invoicing, and workflows. You can try Honeybook and see how it shapes up for your business, this referral code will give you 50% off your membership fee!


aisle planner 

With easy to tools to help you market your business, book new clients, manage your events and everything in between, Aisle Planner has something for every wedding pro. Your first 30 days are free plus, use my referral code below to get 25% off any plan for your first 3 months!



Adding easy & quick email sequences to our client experience process helped nurture leads and add value along the way for existing clients. We also implemented an email sequence for keeping our planning team engaged and in the know about the latest projects.
Mail chimp is free for most users on their basic plans so definitely give it a try!