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Does our mindset shape the way we interact in the world and our ability to be successful? Many industry leaders point to mindset and daily rituals that they absolutely live by to build their business and to build wealth. Are we limiting ourselves because of what was imprinted into our minds from a young age?

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This week in the Wedding Planner Mastermind Group we’re focusing 100% on finances, money mindset, best practices and resources for experienced wedding planners. If you have 3+ years in business and are at the point where you are wondering what is next, it is crucial that focus on removing any limiting beliefs & hone in on the core of your business.

Limiting beliefs and negative associations with money can come from early childhood. A great article posted by Briana Wiest on Forbes references some tips by abundance coach Jenna Black, and Black explains that, “sometimes, the reason why we self-sabotage our earning potential is because we have some kind of attachment to playing small, or staying within someone else's concept of us.” The article shares some of Jenna’s thoughts on the top limiting beliefs that many of us can relate as well as tips for getting past fears or doubts that we place on ourselves.

it’s important to know your why. Wanting more money for the sake of it is a pretty empty feeling, but wanting it to support your family, kill more debt, give back in a bigger way, leave a more remarkable impact, or lead in a way you’ve never been able to before... well, that’s motivating. “There’s a disconnect when people don’t know what they money is for. That’s when greed and guilt comes in.
— Jenna Black

In our Wedding Planner Mastermind Group on Facebook, we asked the group to think back on influences from our childhood or early adult years and if these experiences had helped or hindered our relationship with money. Feel free to join in on the conversation!