Wedding Planner Education | Practice What You Preach

It’s been a minute ya’ll. Wedding season came swiftly and with a brand new team all of those time management and organization hacks that I’ve preached .. well those fell to the back burner. Instead I’ve been playing the wack-a-mole game with the more urgent tasks and treaded water with everything else. Can I get an amen? Add two kids & preschool/TK drop-offs & pick-ups to the mix and that polished approach is no more. So what can we do when we feel like we are constantly behind and burning the candle into the midnight hour? Re-set and give yourself some grace.

Practice what you preach.png

Why do we walk on egg shells for everyone else’s schedules but sabotage ourselves into exhaustion to please clients. If I remember back to the foundation of why I pushed so hard to create a business it was driven by the need for creativity and freedom in my daily schedule and it was because I didn’t want to be an absent parent in my children’s day-to-day activities.

So by re-set- I mean evaluate objectively on what is taking up the most of your time. Outsourcing or bringing on an assistant may seem impossible but if you were to able to free up some of the time you spend on emails, assembling day-of binders or files on your tablet etc. it could completely change the game.

What about administrative hours? Are you wearing all the hats and spinning your wheels when it comes to focusing on completing tasks.. consider block scheduling your week (one week at a time) and designate one hour for emails, one hour for follow-up tasks, on hour for you-time bonus points if that involves a walk or workout and blocks of time dedicated to social media, marketing tasks, blogging etc.

The next pain point that I know I have talked about is working with your ideal client - one who values your work. Well when the inquiries come rolling in are you sending proposals before reading into whether this client or project is a good fit for your company? I am just as guilty of filling up dates before stopping to evaluate the client’s expectations and budget so when it comes to executing their day we can see elements that are not aligning with our companies values.

Each and every lesson learned will help you in the future but only if you have the mindset of implementing change to ensure that you can grow from the experience. If any of this resonates with your experience we hope you’ll join us in our upcoming mastermind call in our free Wedding Planner Mastermind Group on Facebook. We’re going to dive into lessons learned, opportunities for growth and what steps we can take to align with our ideal clients.

Until then, Happy Planning!