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Wedding Planner Education | Taking the next step

No matter how long you have been in business you will experience up’s and down’s; from financial challenges to balancing your work load with your personal life - we have all been there. To be honest it seems to come in waves, one minute you are feeling like you need to book more events and the next you feel like you are going to need help to keep up with your workload. Through these struggles, we make decisions on what we feel is the next step for our business.

Whether it is adding more staff or training current staff to take more of active role with clients and become lead planners, outsourcing social media or other administrative tasks, raising your prices or expanding into new markets - these are all decisions that will bring pro’s and con’s but you have to evaluate the risk and benefit to determine if it is the best path for you.

When I hit 7 years into my planning business, something changed. Maybe it paralled with also having two small children at home but I began to value my time enough to start being much more selective to inquiries (learning to say no!) and to felt confident in the pricing that I was sending out in proposals. What I was looking for in education was something that went beyond how to start a wedding planning business, beyond how to grow my portfolio or how to price my services. I wanted to see into the backend of running a business - advice on the best practices for taxes, training staff and keeping everyone engaged, improving my client experience and really how to scale.

On this search for education, I came across a lot of great industry professionals who are killing it with courses and speaking engagements - each have a specific niche such as pricing for profit, social media, contracts, etc. Maybe I was looking for a unicorn of educational courses! The point is, the mission I set out on was to find these key business practices and apply them to the wedding industry. I am so excited to bring you the newest set of strategy sessions!

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Before we get to the new strategy sessions I would love to make sure that you have joined our Free Facebook Group - Wedding Planners Mastermind Group so that you can catch up on our previous strategy sessions available in PDF format and you can watch some of our replays in the group as well. Stay tuned for the first Strategy Session in the Step-up Series next week, released on Monday March 25th.

Wedding Planner Education | Outsourcing Your Social Media

If you have ever felt like you have been stuck in the scroll, meaning you lose countless hours during the week not sure what to post or how to ever compare to perfect Instagram accounts…keep reading.

First - please know that you are unique and bring value to your clients without having to fit the mold of every other Instagram account you see. Instead, focus on bringing that personality and unique value to your followers authentically & keyword —> Consistently!

So here is where outsourcing comes in! Consistency is key but so is trying to stay on top of everything else on your plate. We recommend outsourcing to business owners who are ready to free up some of their creative energy so they can focus on what they do best - serving their clients well!

Recently I had a chat with Delphine of The 530 & Co, and talked all about outsourcing tasks, you can watch our video below and you can also read Delphine’s full blog post here.

If you missed the 5 Day Visibility Challenge where we talk all about the opportunities to increase your online reach for your business be sure to check out the free course or drop a comment below with any questions that we can help you with!

Wedding Planner Education | 5 Day Challenge ~ Increasing Your Brand Visibility

It was so great to put together the Free 5 Day Visibility Challenge with Valerie Pritt of The Engaged Wedding Planner Academy where we’re talking about the small steps you can take to instantly increase your personal and brand visibility! While we each work with wedding planners in different stages of their business, we feel the elements of this challenge can apply to anyone who would like to ensure they have their bases covered when it comes to your online presence. It’s not too late to participate in each of the lessons, so we’ve created a free course for you to join!

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What is this 5 Day Visibility Challenge about?

In the challenge, we have created modules that will cover everything from creating a strong about page, social media profiles, blogging, networking with vendors and more. The focus is to give you simple action items that you can implement right away! In this post I will be covering just one of the many facets of increasing your brand visibility. Digital communication such as email and instant messaging through customer relationship management (CRM) platforms such as Honeybook, Dubsado, Aisle Planner or 17 Hats to name a few; really drive our engagement with clients and colleagues.


In this challenge we created a free course including a PDF workbook and tons of free resources for you to easily increase your online visibility. You will also hear us refer to the Facebook event group that we held the live challenge in. This is available to view here: but don’t worry if you missed out on the live group event, because with the free course these modules can be completed any time!

Wedding Planner Education | 5 Day Visibility Challenge

The Challenge Starts January 14th! Along with Valerie Pritt of Engaged Wedding Planner Academy, I have collaborated on this great 5 Day Visibility Challenge to help planners get a handle on social media, blogging, website/about page and more in this new year! We’ll cover tips, resources and action items that you can implement each day of the challenge to keep forward progress on gaining exposure for your business.
Be sure not to miss this free challenge happening on Facebook!

Wedding Planner Education | Blogging Challenge

When is the last time you checked your website and blog analytics to see where your traffic is coming from? If it has been awhile, or if you aren’t sure if all of that time you spend on Instagram is really paying off to reach your target clients.. this is for you!

Join the challenge! Sign up to receive the introduction email with information about getting started in the free three week blogging challenge.

Join the challenge! Sign up to receive the introduction email with information about getting started in the free three week blogging challenge.

Read to get started? Click here to join the free challenge starting November 1st!

Wedding Planner Education | Guest Post - 4 Reasons You Should Outsource

Today we are joined by Delphine Winter of The 530 & CO. sharing 4 great tips on outsourcing in order to be more efficient, scroll down to see the full article!

Photo by  rawpixel  on  Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

4 Reasons WHY Your Business Should Outsource: Social Media 101
by Delphine Winter

As a business owner myself, sometimes I wonder, why would I outsource when that is exactly what I do for a living? Here’s the easy answer, because TIME is MONEY. But here’s the longer answer:

As business owners, we are dedicated to putting our entire life on hold for our company. Which means, sacrificing sleep, family time, even eating! No one ever told us that we would never.stop.working, did they? But that’s the beauty of having our own business; we love what we do so much, that we don’t ever want to stop… until you burn out. Right?

I’m here today on behalf of my Creative Solution company, to tell you that it’s OK to outsource for certain tasks that are so tedious day to day.

1. Do what you know how to do.
As a social media “expert” you don’t see me going to houses fixing electrical circuits, do you? Do you see me building housing developments or fixing a leaky roof every day? I highly doubt it… If you did, it must be my long lost twin! My point is, is that sticking to what you know best is KEY to having and maintaining a successful company. For several reasons really.

For example, if you’re an artist, creating masterpieces, you didn’t go to school to then post it on social media right? No one taught you in Leonardo Devinci 101 how to post a proper social media post to your Instagram or Facebook I’m sure… and that’s OK. Why? Because you have a talent that most people don’t have! Meanwhile, companies like ours are looking to not only HELP you as an individual shine as an artist, but also as a company looking to sell those paintings and grow your online presence. As mentioned previously, time is money!

2. Allowing creativity to flow.
Having someone else involved in the creation of your content, or even just your copy allows your audience to witness different sides of your company. For example, if you are posting everyday on your business's page about how funny and cute animals are… then I come in and post recipes on delicious fall treats for animals, it’s a good mix between the two!

Our biggest motto within our company, is that we will always allow our clients to have full reign, as long as they trust our company to deliver good copy, and good content.

3. Outsourcing allows you to have a LIFE.
When outsourcing, you have time to not only focus on doing what you love, but it also allows you to have a life outside of your business! Not having to worry about when to post, what hashtags to post, what exactly to post, and how many likes you’ll get, sounds amazing huh?

4. Blogging is tedious!
Take it from me, I know how long and tedious writing a blog post is, but that’s why we love doing it for our clients! Did you know we outsource for our blog? That’s because we want to take the time to focus on our client’s blogs to help them grow their SEO (Search engine optimization). Blogging allows others searching the web to find you, so the more you post a blog, the more traffic your website will get!

Choose who you outsource to. Do they charge too much for posting simply on your Instagram for you? Do they have packages that include blogging? Blogging is such an important step when creating your online presence, which can be a whole other blog in itself!


Meet Delphine, as the owner of  The 530 & Co.  she is helping businesses within the community become noticeably more popular in the area! When she's not working on client's SEO and marketing, she enjoys running and watching movies with her husband and, adorable Chihuahua, Daisy. Photo by  Diane Nicole Photography

Meet Delphine, as the owner of The 530 & Co. she is helping businesses within the community become noticeably more popular in the area! When she's not working on client's SEO and marketing, she enjoys running and watching movies with her husband and, adorable Chihuahua, Daisy. Photo by Diane Nicole Photography


Wedding Planner Education | Monday Motivation

What can you accomplish this week? Set a small task that will motivate you to keep tackling your to-do list.  Whether your goal for the morning is to write & schedule blog posts for the week, or to finally request images from photographers for the spring weddings you completed.. you can crush it!

just start.png

If you blogged today, take it one step farther and create a graphic for Pinterest. Pin your blog posts and keep an eye on web traffic.. you might be pleasantly surprised how Pinterest can attract a lot of views to your website.

Before you go to bed, write down one thing you want to accomplish for the next day so that when you wake up you already have an action plan for the day.  These routines can keep you focused and also give you some reassurance on days that you feel a little frazzled from trying to do #allthethings.


Have you joined the free Facebook community just for wedding planners? This is a safe place to ask questions, look for resources and just connect with your peers! Hope to see you there!