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Wedding Planner Education | The Power of Facebook

Should wedding planners participate in bridal shows and advertise in magazines? Here are some thoughts on the powerful tools you should be leveraging to market your business!


Watch the video below from our Visibility Challenge to see an overview on Facebook Page Manager and Ad Manager for the functions and tools you can use to make sure that your wedding planning business stands out on Facebook!


What has worked well for your business over the years?

What are your thoughts when it comes to determining your advertising budget for the year, have you decided to go the traditional route and stick to local bridal shows? Can you definitively show the return on investment (ROI) from participating in shows if you consider the time you allocate to planning out your booth, designing print materials, working the show and following up on leads after the show?
Personally, I believe that with Facebook and Instagram, among a strong email sequence you can not only reach the same number of people who would have attended the shows, but market to them for under 1/3 of the cost and capture the data much more effectively then having sign-ups in the bridal show booth. Now, I can already hear the wheels turning - what about the couples who want to meet us in person at the show? Won’t they just book another planner instead? If you have your ads ready to go the week of the show, and dialed in to the target demographic you can instead focus on meeting these couples after they have already viewed your website, social media etc and will be a much smoother sale in most cases!

{Join the challenge} If you’re looking for more tips on stepping up your social media game, check out the free 5 Day Visibility Challenge and join us in the Wedding Planner Mastermind Group on Facebook to meet your wedding planning peers!

Wedding Planner Education | Choosing Your Path

Owning your own wedding planning business lends you flexibility that is hard to find in other industries, you truly can be as busy/booked as you choose to be.  You have the option to run your business from your home a sole proprietor or maybe you strive to work from an office space and grow a team.  Choosing a path that fits your goals can challenging, so today we are talking more about the pro's and con's of growth and how to determine what path to take. 

You don't need a fancy office to build your business, but you do need to treat your business as an actual business in order to be successful!

Photo by  Toa Heftiba  on  Unsplash

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Every business has to establish core values, a mission statement and a business plan..otherwise you are operating a hobby without a real foundation.  What should clients know about your business, are they hiring YOU or are they hiring your brand and the team that you have built?

As a sole proprietor you "run the show" but you also have all of the work on your shoulders so if you choose to plan 25+ events you will need to have a detailed plan on how you would cover an event should you become ill or unavailable and also what your policy is for bringing on assistants on the wedding day.  Check your state requirements before hiring or offering independent contractor work to ensure that you are properly classifying workers.

Do the math - use a profit and loss calculation to decide what overhead expenses make sense for you including the costs of hiring labor (employees, independent contractors, interns etc.) Then once you are comfortable with the numbers set out to establish your key values so that when you do grow and bring people on board you know that your brand will be represented positively.

If you're still reading than you are already well on your way to thinking through these important steps in your business, remember it's not always glamorous but it is so important to truly know your numbers! Stay tuned for part 2 of the Choose your path blog post! 

Wedding Planner Education | Quick Introduction

Hello! My name is Veronica and if you're reading this, then know that I am beyond excited to finally work on this passion project that has been on my mind and in my heart for some time now.  You may be wondering why a wedding planner would want to work with other wedding planners to grow their businesses, but to me it isn't a crazy notion at all.  Wedding planning has been a blessing to me and it is a passion for so many, but there isn't really a solid business model out there to follow.

You can learn more about me and my experience as a wedding planner with my own planning company The 530 Bride which I founded in 2011.  I recently partnered with my biz bestie Delphine in order to grow and provide even more value for our couples, and we could write a whole book about how fun that process was!  While I am self-taught through hands-on experience,  I hope to save some time & frustration for prospective planners and ensure they start out pricing themselves fairly rather than working for free to get experience.

Over the years I have invested countless hours (and dollars) in education that didn't seem to fit with my specific goals, and have been completing a business management degree as well.  I've noticed there are so many tutorials, podcasts, and resources for wedding photographers but not a lot of options for wedding planners.  My goal is to bring some tangible solutions to the table.

I would love for you to follow along in this journey to curate educational resources, tips and services made uniquely for wedding planners so that our industry can continue to grow and thrive.