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Wedding Planner Education | Self-Care Best Practices & Financial Health

Sunday’s are meant for rest, family, re-filling your cup in the best way possible and often we wait until Monday to tackle the work for the week, but I wanted to share a topic that I think is very important for the self-care movement that we see in the creative industry.

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We simply have to start setting boundaries for ourselves and stop putting ourselves in the oppressed state of owning a business. Go back to square one on why you started your business, certainly it wasn’t to live in a constant state of self-doubt.. heck no! You are following a passion and sharing your craft/talent/gift or service with the world. So today I shared in our free Wedding Planner Mastermind Group on Facebook that we will dedicate the week to talking all about financial health. From talking about saving for taxes, profitability, budgeting for expenses, saying no to clients or work that doesn’t serve you; it all factors in to the financial health of any company.

If you haven’t joined the Wedding Planner Mastermind Group, make sure to request to join us on Facebook and we’d love to welcome you into a place where you can share questions, network with other experienced planners and find resources needed to help take the next step in your business.

Wedding Planner Education | Self-Care - Yes really!

Over the year’s I’ve been a skeptic, rolling my eyes at all of the posts and magazine articles that I’ve read that were telling me I needed to do yoga or get a know “me-time.” It didn’t seem realistic or even feasible with my schedule as a mom and busy wedding planner.

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To keep it real with you it was only recently that I gave myself a reality check about trying to do it all. Honestly, I spend so much time organizing other people’s stuff that I had let a lot of things under my own roof slip like our guest room being overtaken with some of my extra wedding decor from over the years. It wasn’t until I started taking walks, and even investing in a membership at the gym which has a childcare area that really helped me carve out two hours when I need it during the week for me time.


I won’t tell you to eat greek yogurt and take up essential oils but I will tell you to seriously give yourself some grace and take time to just breathe or read a book. This time will allow you to de-stress and become more present with those around you, and who doesn’t want that?

What activities help you feel calm and relaxed? Feel free to drop a comment below with your favorite zen time!