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Wedding Planner Education | Self-Care - Yes really!

Over the year’s I’ve been a skeptic, rolling my eyes at all of the posts and magazine articles that I’ve read that were telling me I needed to do yoga or get a know “me-time.” It didn’t seem realistic or even feasible with my schedule as a mom and busy wedding planner.

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To keep it real with you it was only recently that I gave myself a reality check about trying to do it all. Honestly, I spend so much time organizing other people’s stuff that I had let a lot of things under my own roof slip like our guest room being overtaken with some of my extra wedding decor from over the years. It wasn’t until I started taking walks, and even investing in a membership at the gym which has a childcare area that really helped me carve out two hours when I need it during the week for me time.


I won’t tell you to eat greek yogurt and take up essential oils but I will tell you to seriously give yourself some grace and take time to just breathe or read a book. This time will allow you to de-stress and become more present with those around you, and who doesn’t want that?

What activities help you feel calm and relaxed? Feel free to drop a comment below with your favorite zen time!