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Wedding Planner Education | Self-Care Best Practices & Financial Health

Sunday’s are meant for rest, family, re-filling your cup in the best way possible and often we wait until Monday to tackle the work for the week, but I wanted to share a topic that I think is very important for the self-care movement that we see in the creative industry.

Financial Health.png

We simply have to start setting boundaries for ourselves and stop putting ourselves in the oppressed state of owning a business. Go back to square one on why you started your business, certainly it wasn’t to live in a constant state of self-doubt.. heck no! You are following a passion and sharing your craft/talent/gift or service with the world. So today I shared in our free Wedding Planner Mastermind Group on Facebook that we will dedicate the week to talking all about financial health. From talking about saving for taxes, profitability, budgeting for expenses, saying no to clients or work that doesn’t serve you; it all factors in to the financial health of any company.

If you haven’t joined the Wedding Planner Mastermind Group, make sure to request to join us on Facebook and we’d love to welcome you into a place where you can share questions, network with other experienced planners and find resources needed to help take the next step in your business.

Wedding Planner Education | Are you interested in owning your own wedding planning company?

If I could have gone to a mentor 7 years ago when starting my own planning business, I have no doubts that I would have changed my approach, pricing structure and ultimately my ideal client.  You know what they say about hindsight though, and to be fair I do value the challenges that I had to overcome on the way to having a profitable company.  If you're reading this you may be in the same place that I stood wondering what the best direction is and how to get started.   The Wedding Planner Education site was created to bring curated educational courses, resources and tips from industry pro's to one place.  

For those who have always loved the idea of being a wedding planner but would like to get more experience in planning, a good avenue to explore would be to shadow with a local wedding planner as either an assistant or intern. Sometimes this can be tricky if your intent is to start your own business but if you are transparent about your intentions you should be just fine! Research your state's requirements on working as an independent contractor/vs being an employee and then set out to get your feet wet in this crazy world we call wedding planning.  Be sure to have open weekend availability in order to get started.

We've also created a Wedding Planner Mastermind Facebook group, a community of wedding planners who can freely ask questions and share resources.  We also cover mini mastermind topics such as bridal show strategies, pricing, staffing & retention, risk management and more.  To learn more, or to ask a specific question feel free to reach out or fill out the contact form.